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D.B SkinTech Innovation is a dynamic, fast-growing Israeli company, specializing in development, marketing and distribution of top-quality, modern-technology aesthetic devices, diagnostic systems, and other innovative products for skincare professionals and beauty clinics.

As thought-leaders in the aesthetic industry, we strive to constantly introduce pioneering products to the market, to meet the latest needs of aestheticians and patients alike.

As experienced players in this industry, well aware of the everyday needs of aesthetic clinics, we ensure all our products are elegantly designed, easy to operate, offer the best treatment experience, and meet the highest safety standards.

We are looking for distributors for our best-selling products. Our global business partners benefit from the unique innovation of our cutting-edge products, as well as from our powerful marketing techniques.

Apollo Duet

Apollo Duet is a cutting-edge facial skincare system, uniquely combing Multipolar Radio Frequency, Electroporation & Iontophoresis.

This aesthetic device, intended for professional use, is proven extremely effective in treating a wide range of skin conditions:

Apollo Duet simultaneously combines electroporation and iontophoresis for inserting therapeutic solutions into patients’ deeper skin tissues. This combination enables extra-effective restoration treatment for practically any skin condition, including acne, wrinkles and age signs, various pigmentation, seborrhea, rosacea, and couperose.

The Apollo Duet Multipolar RF function facilitates an effective and long-lasting anti-aging treatment. A built-in real-time heat sensor in the RF handle enables a very accurate treatment, for optimal anti-aging impact.

Apollo Duet combines the latest aesthetic technologies, for maximum impact. It incorporates several safety mechanisms, is intuitive and easy to use, and provides a comfortable treatment experience for patients.

Dr. Platon

The Dr. Platon device is easy to operate, safe and comfortable. Its cold plasma is safe to touch, causes no ablation and therefore require no down-time.

Dr. Platon

Dr. Platon is a facial skincare device for professional use, applying the innovative cold plasma aesthetic technology:

Cold plasma is extremely effective in acne treatment – It destroys P. acne bacteria and prevents acne reoccurrence, by balancing sebum production.

Cold plasma treatments sooth skin irritation, dehydration and itching, in cases of chronic skin diseases, such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhea.

Cold plasma is also an effective anti-aging treatment – It boosts production of new collagen, strengthens the skin immune system, and stimulates skin rejuvenation.

Cold plasma sterilizes the skin, reduces inflammation and consequently has a skin whitening effect.

Finally, plasma increases absorption of active substances by the skin.

The Dr. Platon device is easy to operate, safe and comfortable. Its cold plasma is safe to touch, causes no ablation and therefore require no down-time.



DERMA BOX is an elegant and comprehensive skincare encyclopedia – A one-of-a-kind box of informative cards, allowing skincare professionals to share with their patients clear and visual information on their diagnosed skin conditions and on the available aesthetic technologies. Sharing the DERMA BOX practical, patient-oriented information with patients bridges the knowledge gap and is therefore very successful in:

Increasing patients’ cooperation throughout the treatment process, including proper preparation for treatment and commitment for post-treatment care, thus improving treatment results.

Creating cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Engaging patients as active participants in their skincare treatment – Improving patients’ satisfaction and retention.

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