Hydra-dermabrasion by Eve is very effective in thoroughly cleansing, gently exfoliating, and well hydrating the skin surface. It is the ideal first step in every aesthetic treatment.

The Eve hydra-dermabrasion applicator sprays rotating, radial jets of X-Stream -the Eve exclusive toner- on the skin. The X-Stream toner dissolves dirt and gently exfoliates the skin surface. The toner also effectively hydrates the stratum corneum.

A vacuum suction then removes the peeled debris, together with excess sebum and Demodex Folliculorum from the skin, while also extracting impurities from inside the pores.

The result of the Eve hydra-dermabrasion treatment is a healthier, well-hydrated, fresh-looking and glowing skin, with a much smoother texture. You will also notice significant reduction of blackheads and large pores.

4 Aesthetic Advantages


The X-Stream jet removes dirt, excess sebum and Demodex Folliculorum from the skin surface.


PHA, LHA, and proteolytic enzymes enable very gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells and waste.


Adjustable vacuum suction painlessly extracts impurities from inside the pores.


The ingredients of the X-Stream toner effectively hydrate the stratum corneum.

Interchangeable Hydra Tips

Blue/ White LED Light