Harnessing Nature
for Skincare

Dr Platon is an advanced aesthetic device, employing the breakthrough Plasma Shower technology to apply cold (non-thermal) atmospheric plasma to the skin surface.

Research shows that atmospheric cold plasma treatments are effective for multiple skincare purposes:

The Dr Platon non-thermal plasma is safe to the touch and
has no ablation effect. Treatments by Dr Platon cause no pain or discomfort and require no down-time.

Top Benefits

Super-effective Acne Treatment

For patients suffering from acne (including adult acne, papules and pustules), the cold plasma treatments are extremely effective in:

Relief for Problematic
and Irritated Skin

The oxidative stress of cold atmospheric plasma has an antioxidant impact on the skin immune system.

It reduces the damaging effect of chronic skin diseases – such as atopic dermatitis, eczema, and seborrhea – which manifest in inflamed, irritated, dehydrated, and rough skin.

Skin Regeneration & Anti-Aging Impact

Cold plasma therapy is a powerful anti-aging treatment. The atmospheric plasma:

Anti-Inflammatory & Whitening Effect

The anti-inflammatory nature of cold atmospheric plasma has a whitening effect on skin stains under which an inflammatory process takes place.

By reducing the inflammation, the plasma also reduces the level of hemoglobin around the skin stain, thus reduces blemish.

Boosting Absorption of Active Substances

Research shows that atmospheric plasma increases epidermal permeability, in the first 12 hours after treatment, by ~24%.

Cold plasma treatment by Dr Platon prior to insertion of active ingredients into the skin (e.g. by electroporation + iontophoresis) will significantly increase the absorption, and therefore the impact, of these ingredients on the skin.

Pain-free Treatment with No Downtime

The cold plasma treatments by Dr Platon cause no pain or discomfort. These treatments do not inflict any skin ablation, and therefore require no downtime.

Dr Platon Technology

Plasma is one of the 4 fundamental states of matter (together with solid, liquid, and gas). It consists of a gas of unbound ions and free electrons. Plasma can be artificially generated by heating a neutral gas, or by subjecting it to a strong electromagnetic field.

The Dr Platon aesthetic device employs the Plasma Shower technology to transform the main gases in the air between the device tip and the patient’s skin (mainly Oxygen and Nitrogen) to non-thermal plasma, in a temperature of 35-40 °C.

Applying low-temperature, atmospheric plasma to the skin surface has a unique, multi-facet therapeutic impact, including:


The electrical voltage between the freely charged particles in plasma causes the cell membranes to disintegrate-

accelerates self-destruction of inflammatory and damaged skin cells, and kills germs and bacteria, by breaking their molecular structure.


The plasma energy stimulates skin cell activity – division of the basal cells and production of new collagen – thus boosts epidermal regeneration and wound healing processes.


The electrical energy of the plasma temporarily breaks the cell adhesion molecules (CAMs), thus dramatically increases epidermal permeability and absorption of active substances by the Skin.


Oxygen stress has a Bio-stimulation effect – strengthening the skin immune system.

Acne Treatment

Atomic oxygen inhibits the anaerobic petogen bacteria found in acne (P. acne).


Nitric Oxide has an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect.


Treatment Results



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Technical Specifications

Device Technical Specifications

Model: DPU1
Dimensions: 200 X 35 X 30 (mm)
Gross Weight: 1.7 KG
Cold Plasma Output: 7,200~8,800Vp-p (Levels 1-5)
Rated Voltage: 100V~240V, 50~60Hz, 9V 3A
Power Consumption: 27W

Plasma Pen Specifications

Plasma Pen Weight: 98 gr
Ceramic, long-lasting plasma tips
3 alternate plasma tips – From a big tip, for optimal coverage of broad areas, to a small tip, for narrow and difficult-to-reach facial areas

Dr Platon is manufactured by HSC, South Korea