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D.B SkinTech Innovation is a fast-growing Israeli company, specializing in development, marketing and distribution of innovative, highly-effective aesthetic devices (manufactured by our business partners in Korea) and of complementary innovative products for aestheticians and beauty clinics.

We sell our selective portfolio of professional aesthetic devices through a constantly-growing network of local distributors in multiple countries.

We strive to serve as a professional hub for our distributors, offering them – beyond top-quality, cutting-edge devices – also comprehensive clinical training, a rich marketing tool-kit, and a very attentive customer service and technical support.

Apollo Duet is an innovative, super-effective aesthetic device, combining 5 advanced aesthetic technologies, for maximum impact:

Apollo Duet incorporates multiple safety mechanisms, is intuitive and easy to use, and provides a comfortable and enjoyable treatment experience for patients.

Dr. Platon is a powerful aesthetic device, applying the innovative atmospheric cold plasma technology. Cold plasma therapy by the device:

Treatments by Dr Platon cause no pain and require no downtime.
Each treatment session is 10-15 minutes, and results are apparent after 1-2 treatments.

Its affordable price and ease of use for aestheticians, combined with quick and impressive aesthetic impact for patients, make Dr Platon a best seller around the world.

Eve (Ace of Face) takes several well-proven aesthetics technologies to the next level. This professional aesthetic device combines:

  • Multi-tip Hydra-dermabrasion – using the X-Stream exclusive toner – for thoroughly  cleaning, gently exfoliating, well hydrating and rejuvenating the skin surface.
  • Diamond peeling, for removing dead skin cells, dirt and excess sebum from the skin.
  • Structured, multi-step microcurrent programs, for:

Eve offers a selection of microcurrent applicators: Choose between 3 different metal tips, including a comb for scalp treatment, and conductive micro gloves,  for a pleasant, attentive and highly-effective microcurrent treatment.

  • Hands-free Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), for lifting and tightening the facial muscles.

DERMA BOX is a practical skincare encyclopedia – A one-of-a-kind box of informative cards, allowing skincare professionals to provide their patients with clear and visual information on their diagnosed skin condition and the relevant aesthetic technologies, so as to bridge the knowledge gap and achieve patients’ engagement and cooperation.

The patient-oriented information in the DERMA BOX cards allows aestheticians to:

Derma Boost

Derma Boost Pro is a series of hydrophilic electrolyte solutions for aesthetic clinics, to be inserted into patients’ skin by means electroporation, iontophoresis, ultrasound, galvanic currents, LLLT and similar technologies.

The Derma Boost Pro solutions contain unique natural extracts and active complexes. They offer effective treatment for a wide range of skin problems (see below), and are also ideal for boosting hydration in the skin, for keeping the skin young-looking and lively, and for protecting the skin from environmental hazards.

Group 2238
Collagen Gel
A highly-conductive gel. Effectively hydrates the stratum corneum and increases its elasticity.
shot 1 10
Extra Ester C
A powerful anti-oxidant. Glows and brightens the skin and perfects skin texture.
shot 1 11
Whitening Pigment
Inhibits melanin synthesis and stimulates desquamation of existing skin stains.
shot 1 8-1
Oily & Sensitive Skin
Balances sebum production and development of bacterial flora. Effectively soothes skin irritation.
shot 1 9
Peptide Anti-Aging
Plumps and hydrates the skin, blurs wrinkles, boosts production of collagen & hyaluronic acid.
shot 1 8
Hyaluronic Acid
Boosts skin hydration, plumps the skin, reduces wrinkles and improves skin texture.

Some of the Derma Boost products are also available in serum consistency for home use. For details on the Derma Boost Home series- See here

Selected Treatment Results

Let the pictures speak for themselve:

Expanding our Global Presence

D.B SkinTech Innovation aims to distribute its selective portfolio of professional aesthetic devices worldwide.
We are already selling these devices in multiple countries, through a constantly-growing network of local distributors, and are looking to extend their sales to additional markets. For the details of our distributors, click the button below.

Our Global Activity

Cosmoprof Bologna 2023

D.B SkinTech Innovation will present and demonstrate its aesthetic devices at the Cosmoprof Bologna 2023 exhibition, on March 17-20. Come meet us at Hall 29 Stand E-11.


Sales Event in Bulgaria

In September 2022 we participated in a grand sales event held by Antoanette (the Hair & Beauty Business) at the Balkan Palace hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Launching Eve

In September 2022 we officially launched the sales of Eve (Ace of Face) in Europe, as well as the comprehensive training course and treatment protocols of the device.

Professional Training

During 2022 we conducted training on our devices for our distributors in Poland, France, Turkey, Serbia, Italy, Israel, Palestine, Lithuania, Morocco, and the UK.

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